All bride and groom-to-bes, this article is especially for you because we know how busy you are in getting your day planned out just right so it really is a dream wedding day for both of you! From choosing the best wedding dress for the bride (that basically everybody approves of) to getting your favorite customized wedding cake, each and every element that is put together to form your wedding day is carefully looked into because it’s YOUR wedding; it must reflect what the ‘two of you’ are about – or everything else is just a ‘meh’ just another wedding thingy.

So to bring out the originality and the wow factor we thought we might just give you the head start for having one of a kind wedding, which guests would actually make time for to attend from their busy schedule! Presenting you the most dreaded and ignored part of planning the wedding: the invites! We know that most people consider this a waste of time and money but in all honesty they are ignoring the significance of ‘first impression’ because an invite is the first thing that lets the guest know what the event is going to be like. It basically sets the mood, they know what to look forward to so read ahead as we present some of the most amazing and trending and innovative invite ideas for your dream wedding day! Now all you have to worry about is which distant aunt annie to invite to the dinner.

1. Envelope Liners

Give a hint of the theme that you are keeping for the wedding day. Add a liner in the envelope that shows the theme, or something related to it- it can be in prints, colors- it’s all upon you how you like giving hints. Check out this invite for a desert themed nuptials. Check them out at



2. Chocolate wrap invites
What’s more interesting, simple, reasonable and easy to do than sending invites wrapped over a dose of sweetness. It’s the perfect representation of one’s matrimonial ceremony which would be full from the sweetness of new beginnings and new relationships – and your guests’ presence would only make it more special!
Courtesy of Mr. Boddington’s Studio.


3. A Memento
So everybody is giving out their wedding invites, but you want your guests to remember the date and day, so the easiest way out for that is to give them something that no one has ever thought of – a wooden engraved invite. This could particularly be given out to close friends or special guests that you want to call on your special day so they can celebrate with you the joys of forming new bonds!
Courtesy of Swiss Cottage Designs


4. The Ink Blot
If anything that appeals to you is merely due to its abstractness and subjective interpretation then this card is perfectly in line with your choices and personality for sending out on your wedding day!

Courtesy of Bliss and Bone


We hope you enjoyed our little collection of unconventional invite ideas, we hope and wish you the best of life for your nuptial!


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