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Claudia’s 21st Birthday!

Can you imagine a more perfect reason to celebrate? You are turning 21! This happens once in a lifetime, make this a year you'll never forget! Photobooth.

Katie Lynn’s 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday little girl. Remember to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you always.

Grandma’s Birthday 2015

Huat Ah! (Ma)! Here's to all the grandma's out there. Stay youthful and happy! May you have good health for a long long time! View photobooth photos here.

Carol’s 6-OH!

Celebrating six decades of love, grace and beauty. Here's to the many many more wonderful years to come! View photos from the booth here.

NCDCC 10th Anniversary Parade

Celebrating 10 years of greatness. View photos from the photobooth at NCDCC’s 10th anniversary celebrations at the Home Team Academy.

Alyssa’s First Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the beautiful baby girl! 1 year on earth! Stay cheerful, grow happy, love your parents and study hard! View photos from the booth here.
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