Get Ready to be Meme-Worthy!

Our GIF photobooth works in a similar way to a traditional photobooth, but instead of taking a still photo, it captures a series of photos in quick succession and turns them into an animated GIF.

Guests can strike 3 to 4 poses or do something fun and creative, and we will snap away!

After taking the photos, the booth software will automatically stitch them together into an animated GIF and you will be able to preview the finished product on our screen.

Once the GIF is created, we will print the photos instantly either in filmstrip or multi-photo 4R format. Guest will also be able to access the digital copies via our online gallery!

Overall, our GIF photobooth is a fun and interactive way to capture memories and share them with friends and family!


Customised Branding

Backdrop, props and photo printouts can be fully wrapped in colour graphics to match your corporate branding

Instant Prints & Digital Content

High quality prints and digital content instantly accessible


Share content/marketing with branded materials via various channels

Live Feed

Stream content to the BIG SCREEN with our Live Feed technology