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Step into the captivating realm of experiential photography, where every snapshot becomes a personal journey, and each frame holds the power to weave your unique story. With our expert guidance and immersive photobooths, you'll discover the art of experiential photography while unleashing your inner self. Let's embark on this extraordinary adventure together.


Shu Uemura

A creative lighting approach that manipulates the interplay between light and shadow, crafting visually captivating and dramatic photographs to complement Shu Uemura's latest lipstick launch campaign.



Incorporating Google's lounge space into the photobooth setup to capture candid team photos in their workspace.



As a part of Lazada's welcome-back-to-the-office celebration after COVID, this is a setup that transforms staff photos into caricatures, which are subsequently printed as stickers for easy application to their staff passes.



The cargo lift at the Esplanade was known to have excellent acoustics. We transformed it into a dedicated jamming space where guests can gather, play music, and capture memorable moments through photos!

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