Whether you’re an expert connoisseur or your crafts are less-than-stellar, we have the perfect traditional yet chic DIY wedding ideas for every couple and skill level to take their wedding feel to the next level . Do-it-yourself weddings are in huge popularity now and it’s a great chance to showcase some creativity, without completely consuming you. Here are top 10 DIY wedding ideas just for you:

1. Petals Toss Station
2. Personalised Chalkboard Menu
3. Nature-Inspired Garlands & Napkins
4. Snazzy Glasses
5. Festive Drink Flags
6. Hanging Decor
7. Stylish Candelabra
8. Wax Paper Backdrop
9. Classic Getaway
10. Geometric Table Runner
BONUS: Custom Photobooth Backdrop

Let’s get started (click on images to read more):


Still undecided? Have a chat with our team to get those creative juices flowing. Happy Boxing Day!

Sources: Pinterest, ShutterboothHGTV